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Lyric videos & Visualizers

Price: from 150$/1000kr

Do you need a lyric video or audio visualizer for your next project?

Here you can check out some of the videos, I’ve made for various artists. The videos vary in price depending on the style of video, length of the song, and the number of words. Contact me to know more and tell me about your project. 

Service: Lyric Video Client: Ferocity

Service: Lyric Video  Client: Ferocity

Service: Lyric Video Client: Ferocity

Service: Audio Visualizer Client: Jenzen

Service: Lyric video Client: Plained

Service: Audio Visualizer Client: Plained

Service: Audio visualizer Client: Plained

Service: Lyric video Client: Mercenary

Service: Lyric video Client: *Showcase*

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