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Frederik Jensen close up picture black and white

The past 15 years I’ve loved everything about music and being creative.

In 2016 I joined 9000 John Doe, and together we released the album The Spirit of The Firewolf and toured in both Denmark and Germany, before the band split up in 2019. In early 2019 I released the project Plained, which I wrote, mixed and mastered together with Jonas Christensen.

In 2021 got the chance to play guitar on the album Age of the Solipsist by Mother of All featuring Steve Di Giorgio (Testament, Death, Sadus)

Another big passion of mine is making videos and creative content.
I’ve filmed instrument playthroughs for some of Denmarks greatest metal artists, been involved in the making of several music videos, and created creative content promoting musical projects. On this website you can find examples of the things, I’ve been involved in, different kinds of work I’ve done for people all over the world and a showcase of my musical skills. If you got any questions or are interested in my services, you can contact me through the Contact & Pricing.

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